Cloud IoT: Monitoring Your Living Spaces

8 min readAug 9, 2021
Pet goats resting comfortably in a controlled living space

The Internet of Things or IoT for short is a massive network of devices transmitting data from points all across the globe. Data is collected and shared by low cost sensors embedded and deployed in an endless list of appliances, vehicles, and other electronic devices. Getting started with cloud IoT is merely a matter of provisioning an IoT device and connecting it to a cloud enabled service that makes the data collected accessible through the web.

For this project, we will connect an Arduino controller board to a shield with integrated sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, and light. We want to collect measurements at fixed intervals so that we can create a time history of these values at a fixed location such as a room or a garage or an outdoor shed.

Often times, a local weather report does not accurately reflect the environmental conditions at a specific locale such as your house. If you are planning an urban greenhouse or trying to determine whether conditions are safe for your pets, you will want a more accurate measure of these values. In our project, we will mount an Arduino IoT device at a chosen location and program it to send sensor readings to Eulerio’s serverless database. That way, we can have a view of the current conditions inside our space of interest and we can preserve a time history of previous measurements to see how the values fluctuate throughout the day.

In order to implement our IoT environment monitor, we will need a wifi enabled Arduino controller board, MKR WiFi 1010, connected to an Arduino MKR IoT carrier. The wifi board will enable us to connect to the web and the carrier board will provide the sensors and integrated circuits needed to capture and register measurements.

The logic needed to control the Arduino board is implemented in C and programs uploaded to the Arduino board are called sketches. You can use the online web editor provided by Arduino for editing your sketch and uploading it to your Arduino device. You can find more information about the web editor and Arduino IoT devices at the Arduino site.

We will also require a cloud service for storing the data collected by our IoT device. Eulerio provides an ideal service for this purpose, as it requires little configuration or maintenance and it is always…